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From Humble Beginnings to a Big Future

SURVIVR brings cutting-edge, first responder virtual reality solutions to create training for police and security forces. However, originally SURVIVR began in 2016 as a company called Immosis, a virtual reality development agency serving clients across education, gaming, and healthcare. SURVIVR was born when the team met a retired law enforcement officer who realized the potential for the use of virtual reality as training for police. In early 2018 the company applied its expertise toward law enforcement training to improve officer safety, officer judgment, and response times in high-risk situations. SURVIVR is excited to impact public safety, positively and our mission is to ensure that every officer goes home at the end of his or her shift. SURVIVR is the premier training platform to aid in split-second decision making and to practice many of the necessary skills to do their jobs safely and successfully. SURVIVR is being used by law enforcement agencies across 10 states, and has a contract with the U.S. Air Force Security Forces to build the most realistic de-escalation simulations to date. Additionally, SURVIVR has added two individuals with prior law enforcement experience to the executive team. SURVIVR is proud to be a training platform for law enforcement by members of the law enforcement family.

Our Team

We're committed to delivering the best experience for law enforcement. So we've recruited the perfect combination of technical, operations, and law enforcement expertise to do just that.

A headshot of Brian Hoang.

Brian Hoang

Brian, Chief Executive Officer, is the former co-founder and CEO of Immosis, a VR/AR consultancy. As the former founder and President of the Virtual Reality Society and Artificial Intelligence Society, he is experienced with building organizations and initiatives centered on emerging technologies and entrepreneurship. He was also an operator at two micro seed funds and has received awards and features from organizations such as the Texas Business Hall of Fame and Wall Street Journal. Brian enjoys frequently giving back to the community as a startup mentor and guest lecturer.

Curry Newton, Senior Vice President at SURVIVR.

Curry Newton

Curry, Senior Vice President, has over 20 years of successful business development and operations leadership. Curry served as a Police Officer in Jackson TN, owned multiple small businesses and federal government contracting. He has worked in multiple fields including security, construction management, facility maintenance, and training. His extensive experience with law enforcement, government acquisitions compliance, operational management, and business organizational development ensures the highest quality services and support are passed on to our customers.

Marwan Kodeih, Chief Technology Officer at SURVIVR.

Marwan Kodeih

Marwan, Chief Technology Officer, is the former co-founder and CTO of Immosis. He has 10 years of experience with building and managing VR/AR, app, web, and hardware applications. In addition, he spent 3 years as an academic researcher at The University of Texas at Dallas' Future Immersive Virtual Environments (FIVE) Lab, where he conducted efficacy studies on cutting-edge VR capabilities. His ability to work with engineering teams geared towards virtual reality in fast-paced environments led him to take home numerous awards at competitions from Dallas to Facebook's Global Hackathon.

Head Shot of Loren Bolton, Vice President of Marketing at SURVIVR.

Loren Bolton

Loren, Vice President of Marketing, is a public relations professional, former Police Officer at the Dallas Police Department, and former Operations Program Manager at Health Wildcatters. During his career, Loren has worked with many clients and startups in the healthcare, non-profit, transportation and infrastructure, law enforcement, real estate, aviation, and technology industries. A born storyteller, Loren uses his aptitude for communication to advance brand’s and individual’s efforts to achieve their mission. He is a 2012 Emerald Eagle graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and is the 2014 recipient of the Super Alum award from the Mayborn School of Journalism.

A headshot of Robert Griffin, Lead Sales Representative at SURVIVR.

Robert Griffin

Rob, Lead Sales Representative, is a retired officer from Henderson, Nevada. During his 12 years in Henderson and Las Vegas, he was promoted to Detective and designed police training curriculum as a POST-certified instructor. Rob was also a Defensive Tactics instructor certified in the S.P.E.A.R fighting system. He also worked in the Las Vegas Fusion Center as a Counter Terrorism Officer where he worked along with all of the local and federal agencies. After his retirement from law enforcement, Rob went on to build successful sales teams for his commercial energy business, as well as an entrepreneurship podcast called BulletProof Mindset.

A headshot of Frank Coppersmith, advisor at SURIVR.

Frank Coppersmith

Frank, Advisor, is the CEO at Smarter Reality, a technology discovery and development company. In addition, he is the current Chairperson of the International Game Developers Association's Austin chapter. He was formerly the President at Capson Technology, COO and Studio General Manager at GameSalad, and Vice President of Finance and Administration at Challenge Online Games (acquired by Zynga). As a former business and patent attorney, Frank also serves as Senior Legal Counsel (rank of Colonel) to the Air Force Reserve Command.

A headshot of Chief Darrell Fant, advisor at SURVIVR.

Chief Darrell Fant

Darrell, Advisor, is the retired Director of Public Safety for the city of Highland Park, Texas after serving as an officer for 40 years. He currently serves as the President of the International Police Association, Texas Region 30. In addition, Darrell has served as an Executive Board Member of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association, the President of the FBI National Academy Association of Texas, a Director of the North Texas Crime Commission, and a Director of the North Texas InfraGard. Darrell also has backgrounds in fire departments, emergency medical services, private security, firearms instruction, and TCOLE-certified police instruction.

A headshot of Dr. Ryan McMahan.

Dr. Ryan McMahan

Dr. McMahan, Advisor, is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. He has authored numerous journal papers, conference papers, and the book "3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice." He also received the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award for his research and educational activities in VR, along with Google's Internet of Things Technology Research Award. Furthermore, he serves as an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies


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