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April 21, 2020

Origins of SURVIVR’s VR Police Training Simulator

Understanding the origins of SURVIVR speaks to the direction, passion, and mission of the company. As a company, we believe our simulator is a vital component of law enforcement training to create better, safer officers, outcomes, and training opportunities for agencies across the world. However, SURVIVR was not always SURVIVR, and it did not always focus solely on law enforcement. The story of the VR police training simulator starts with another company called Immosis.

Immosis VR Labs

Immosis was a virtual reality lab that focused on training for the education and healthcare industries. As Immosis grew, the founders came into contact with several law enforcement officers and organizations. One retired officer suggested that the VR technology Immosis was using could improve law enforcement training. The founders agreed, and these three individuals became united behind a common goal: create a VR police training simulator to enhance officer safety. “Our goal is that every officer makes it home at the end of his or her shift,” is commonly heard at SURVIVR because it is our driving force.

Birth of SURVIVR’s VR Police Training Simulator

Shortly after this conversation, SURVIVR officially began to take shape. Immosis transitioned to SURVIVR and began working on a very early version of the VR simulator. Once the initial beta version was complete, several local police departments began in SURVIVR’s pilot study. These local law enforcement agencies were vital to not only test the simulator but to inform the design of the scenarios. We incorporated the feedback from these agencies to continually improve the simulator to its current state.

Today the SURVIVR team has grown significantly. As the company continued to expand, the added multiple team members with prior law enforcement and other business specialties to support the VR reality experts as we continue to build the VR police training simulator. This combination of VR experts and prior law enforcement officers is our greatest asset to create the most realistic simulator on the market today. We continually turn to our clients for input regarding scenarios, design, and training needs to ensure this simulator is the VR police training simulator made by cops for cops.

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SURVIVR® is built by cops for cops. Our mission is to make sure everyone, officer and civilian, make it home at the end of their day. If you’re interested in what the leading virtual reality law enforcement simulator can do for your agency, request more information below.

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