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June 17, 2020

Use of Force Training in Virtual Reality

The increased scrutiny of law enforcement training brings a lot of questions to the surface. Law enforcement agencies across the country are sharing the use of force continuum with their citizens. They are explaining how they train the officers to make decisions based upon the force continuum. The SURVIVR simulator is a great option for the use of force training in virtual reality to teach the use of force continuum to help officers make split-second decisions regarding force with a high level of accuracy.

From the Least to the Most

The lowest level of force is officer presence. It is no secret that people often alter their behavior when an officer is present, but the officer’s demeanor, posture, communication skills, and body language all impact the effectiveness of this level of force. Agencies using SURVIVR often teach recruits and rookies to polish their de-escalation abilities at this lowest level of force.

Use of Force Training for Intermediate Levels of Force

For passive resistance, the appropriate level of force is soft, empty hand control. Following passive resistance is defensive resistance, which is where we see non-lethal weapons such as OC spray and Taser enter the force continuum. SURVIVR’s system includes both weapons and both designed to operate just as they would in the real world, which means the system accounts for the failure rate of both tools. This enables agencies to train their officers accurately and proficiently on these force levels.

Use of Force Training for Upper Levels of Force

To respond to active aggression, officers may use intermediate weapons, including a baton. The last and final level of force is lethal force, which is the force option when the suspect is displaying aggravated aggression or deadly force. SURVIVR’s simulator pushes officers to exhaust every previous level of force before reaching lethal force incidents. SURVIVR’s simulator also tracks shot placement, distance, and other metrics for optimal training.

Training the use of force in a virtual reality simulator, like SURVIVR, is undoubtedly an excellent option for training. Repetitions in the simulator will help officers to make split-second decisions, faster and with more precision, which leads to better outcomes for all.

The future of Virtual Reality
Police Training is here.

SURVIVR® is built by cops for cops. Our mission is to make sure everyone, officer and civilian, make it home at the end of their day. If you’re interested in what the leading virtual reality law enforcement simulator can do for your agency, request more information below.

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