Virtual Reality Police Training

As the demands on police officers continue to climb, the need for training to match that demand becomes increasingly necessary. Currently most law enforcement agencies rely heavily on reality-based training, using physical spaces and actors to create scenarios for training. The problem is these scenarios are cost prohibitive because they require to pay actors and a number of physical spaces used for training purposes. Through virtual reality police training, SURVIVR is able to provide similar training without the confines of actors or training sites.

What is Virtual Reality Police Training?

Virtual reality is an immersive simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with and explored. Virtual reality isn’t exactly new, but its application in law enforcement training is fairly recent. Using headsets, replicas of weapons and a series of sensors, SURVIVR places officers and trainees in a variety of training scenarios without ever leaving the same room or needing an actor. The participants are able to put to test the skills they have learned in the academy or training to deescalate situations or engage a suspect as necessary. Virtual reality police training is shown to be more effective than traditional classroom, videos or online modules and increases the knowledge retention in trainees. Essentially, SURVIVR has created a virtual version of reality-based training.

Enter Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality police training offers a medium between the classroom and traditional reality-based training. Trainees have the benefit of pulling all the tools and tactics together, while also building muscle memory, which results in a training retention rate similar to reality-based training. Using virtual reality also allows departments to break away from using the same physical locations for training as each scenario has its environment individual to that training module. Departments also save on the expense of paying for overtime police officers to be the actors in the scenarios and provides training with a similar retention rate at a lower cost than reality-based training. While the best practice will be a combination of all of the above, SURVIVR’s virtual police training is yet another tool in the arsenal to better train law enforcement officers and ensure everyone goes home at the end of their shift.

SURVIVR's Dynamic Scenario List

SURVIVR’s platform is truly crafted by police and law enforcement. Our list of scenarios is based on the needs of the agencies using our simulator. That being said, when you purchase a SURVIVR system, we make sure you have the scenarios that your department requires. Our list of scenarios is updated on a monthly basis, so you will always have new content.

A few of the training scenarios offered by SURVIVR:

  • Emotionally disturbed person
  • Dynamic and customizable active shooter scenarios
  • Implicit bias training using randomly generated suspects appearances
  • Suspicious suspect
  • Traffic stops
  • Gang violence
  • Security gates
  • University police training scenarios
  • Suicidal individuals
  • Building searches
  • Many more…

Advantages of Virtual Reality

SURVIVR uses scans and photos of real locations to create virtual training environments, and places subjects and suspects in these scenarios to create a wide variety of training scenarios. Through virtual reality police training, SURVIVR provides a wide variety of shoot/don’t shoot scenarios including active shooter, burglary and more to place officers in a hands-on training environment. SURVIVR works on the creation of new scenarios daily and can create custom scenarios and environments per an agency’s request. Merely out of variety, SURVIVR is able to increase the training available to officers and trainees.

VR Training is Statistically Superior

Numerous studies have shown that virtual reality is far superior than other forms of training.

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If SURVIVR’s virtual reality training platform seems like a good fit for your agency, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free demo of our product.

The future of Virtual Reality
Police Training is here.

SURVIVR® is built by cops for cops. Our mission is to make sure everyone, officer and civilian, make it home at the end of their day. If you’re interested in what the leading virtual reality law enforcement simulator can do for your agency, request more information below.

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