Virtual Reality Training for Air Force Security Forces

There are many training scenarios that the Air Force Security Forces need to train for. However, trainers have limited access to various buildings or locations on the installation to do so without interrupting ongoing missions. These environments are frequently unavailable for training, and therefore a logistical hassle to reserve. Even if locations are reserved in a rare while, trainers have very limited time to create scenarios and are unable to use realistic methods such as simunitions and tasers.

As a result, the Security Forces have a limited ability to drill tactics for emergency response on the installation, despite being required to respond to incidents in a robust and situationally aware manner.

Air Force Security Forces Personnel Configuring the the SURVIVR simulator.

Why use SURVIVR's Security Forces Virtual Reality Training?

SURVIVR is officially under contract with the Air Force to solve this problem using our virtual reality training platform. By creating a virtual space that simulates an installation’s physical buildings and locations, we allow the Security Forces to practice tactics, judgement shooting, exercising the force continuum, and responding to varying scenario inputs in critical and relevant settings. Thus, greatly enhancing training and emergency responses.

Our platform will save lives by cutting down on reaction time to immediate response scenarios. In addition, responses to real-world scenarios will be more robust because of better training and familiarity with the situation.

For example, two of our Air Force scenarios are Active Shooter and Gate Runner. Our Active Shooter scenario can be customized to occur in any location on base, such as a school, office, cafeteria, shopping center, or openfield. Similarly, the Gate Runner scenario can be modeled after any gate on base. That way, trainers can perform an endless number of scenario runs in relevant environments as frequently as desired.

As a final note, this is a common issue with direct applicability at all USAF/DoD installations and has broad dual use potential in the public safety sector. While our initial focus is on the Security Forces, our platform is adaptable to other types of first responders such as the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), fire, rescue, and medical.

SURVIVR is currently in discussions with Security Forces squadrons and other Air Force entities to deploy our virtual reality training under our active USAF contract. If you are interested in enhancing your Security Forces emergency response training, contact us today for a demo

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